Word of the day: Larynx

Say it: lar-ynx

Function: Noun

Definition: The modified upper part of the trachea of air-breathing vertebrates that in humans, most other mammals, and some amphibians and reptiles contains the vocal cords

Etymology: Greek

Synonyms: Thorax, Gorge, Windpipe, Maw,

Example: The nurse thought his larynx might still be irritated from the endotracheal or feeding tube.


Word of the day: Taxidermy

Say it: taxi-der-my

Function: Noun

Definition: The skill, activity, or job of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of dead animals so that they look like they did when they were alive.

Etymology: Greek

Synonyms: Fuming,Ecology, Canning, Anatomy

Example: The process of taxidermy sees the skin of an animal removed, preserved and arranged around a model of the original body.


Word of the day: Rhombus

Say it: rh-om-bus

Function: Noun

Definition: A quadrilateral all of whose sides have the same length.

Etymology: Greek

Synonyms: Math, Geometry

Example: As a simple example, take the case of a light frame, whose bars form the slides of a rhombus ABCD with the diagonal BD, suspended from A and carrying a weight W at C; and let it be required to find the stress in BD.


Word of the day: Eucalyptus

Say it: eu-ca-lyp-tus

Function: Noun

Definition: A type of tree that grows naturally in western Australia and that is grown in other places for the products (such as wood and oil) that it provides

Etymology: Greek

Synonyms: Plant, Tree

Example:The Australian eucalyptus is now grown in many places, and there are groves of the paradise or paraiso tree on the formerly treeless pampa.