Mzansi Spelling Bee 

The Mzansi Spelling Bee is a national English spelling challenge for spellers ages 9-17 years old or currently doing Grade 4-11 in South Africa.  The Mzansi Spelling Bee uses the game, competition, social media new media and live spelling bee events to nurture a love of language and words.

Mzansi Spelling Bee improves literacy in South Africa one word at a time; one child at a time.

The Mzansi Spelling Bee is a unique hybrid spelling bee making the best of new media and technology to reach deeper into South Africa while going back to the basic ABCs of language and the spelling bee.  Technological innovation allows the Mzansi Spelling Bee to live in a virtual space that allows thousands of spellers from across South Africa to be part of the community of spellers and word nerds.

The Mzansi Spelling Bee has developed a spelling bee android application that allows spellers to practice and test themselves in the comfort of their homes.Spellers can challenge one another and have at the fingertips, all the tools, and resources to prepare for the 2017 Mzansi Spelling Bee and improve their language skills.

Spellers from Public, private or home schools are welcome to take part in the Mzansi Spelling Bee.

Mzansi Spelling Bee has grown from a single province spelling bee in 2012 with 200 spellers to being in 9 provinces with thousands of spellers in this, the 5th season of the Mzansi Spelling Bee.

Mzansi Spelling Bee has grown to now include  the following:-

  1. Word Nerd; a membership-based club for word nerds and word enthusiast
  2. Spelling bee coaching that works with spellers in small groups as they prepare for the Mzansi Spelling Bee or just to improve  their reading and spelling.
  3. Bee in a box; a resource to help schools and parents practice spelling and language using games and play
  4. MSB Spelling Bee app; an application designed to help spellers challenge themselves in track their progress as they prepare for the spelling bee
  5. Word nerd publishing and Children’s book fair; Seller and word nerd authored books and blogs to get word nerds reading by being writers.
  6. Spelling Bee reality show for online broadcast, tracking the spelling bee from the provinces to the national spelling bee. 

We hope you will join us to bring fun, game, entertainment and community to reading and spelling.

one word at a time; one child at a time