Human Right Activities

Activity 1 – Human Beings/Human Rights

  1. Ask children sitting in a circle to think of a quality about themselves that they consider a good quality. Using a talking stick or simply speaking in turns, ask each to describe that quality briefly.

Note that everyone has good qualities.

universal-declaration-of-human-rights1If children have difficulty generating qualities about themselves,

ask “What are some qualities we admire in people?” and write a list of responses on the board.

Have each child pick one that is true for her or him.



Ask some of these questions:

Do you respect in others the quality you like about yourself?

Do you respect good qualities in others that you do not have?

Do all human beings deserve respect? Why?

How do you show respect for others?

  1. Ask children if they can remember a time when they felt hurt because someone did not respect them.

Did someone say something insulting or hurtful to you?

Why do people sometimes say bad things to each other?

What is dignity? Is your dignity hurt when others do not respect you? How does it feel to you?

  1. Ask the group how human beings differ from other living creatures. Emphasize that human beings communicate with words, not just sounds, and that they decide many things about their lives.

Use the outline in Part A.

  1. Ask “What does it mean if we say that all human beings deserve respect because they all have human dignity?”
  1. Explain that after a terrible war, World War II, all the countries of the world agreed in 1948 on a document that said the world would be more peaceful if everyone respected the dignity of every human being. These words are contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Read the quotations given in Part A, Step 4.

  1. Ask children to think of one example of how life in their community could be more peaceful if people showed greater respect for each other.
  1. Have children work in pairs or alone to illustrate one way they could show respect to someone. Share these ideas with the rest of the class.

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