Human Right Activities

Activity 2 – A Human Rights Tree


  1. Ask participants, working in small groups, to draw a tree on large chart paper.

Write on the tree (in the form of leaves, fruits, flowers, or branches) those human rights that they think all people need to live in dignity and justice.tree-240x240

A human rights tree needs roots to grow and flourish. Give the tree roots and label them with the things that make human rights flourish. For example, a healthy economy, the rule of law, or universal education.

  1. When drawings are complete, ask each group to present its tree and explain its reasons for the items they have included.

Going Further

  1. Match the fruits, leaves, and branches with articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and write the number of the article next to each item.
  1. Display these trees in the classroom or in public places.
  1. Identify rights concerns that are of particular concern to you and your community.




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