Authors birthdays: March

Alaya Dawn Johnson (31 March  1982  ) is an African American writer of speculative fiction. Apart from short fiction, Johnson has published two urban fantasy novels about “vampire suffragette” Zephyr Hollis set in an alternate 1920’s New York City, and two novels set on islands resembling pre-modern Polynesia where people have learned to bind elemental powers to their commands.

Her 2013 debut in the young-adult fiction sector, the standalone novel The Summer Prince, is set on a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk Brazilian arcology ruled by a nanotech-empowered matriarchy. Love Is the Drug, her 2014 stand-alone young adult novel, is set in Washington, D.C. and follows a prep-school student whose memory loss may be connected to a burgeoning global influenza pandemic

  • Adrian Igonibo Barrett  – 26 March 1979
  • Jess Mowry – 27 March 1960
  • Khady Sylla – 27 March 1963 –died 8 October 2013
  • Julius Masimba Musodza – 29 March 1976
  • Alaya Dawn Johnson – 31 March  1982
  • John Christoffel Kannemeyer – 31 March 1939 – died 25 December 2011

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