Authors birthdays: April

Dr. Ifi Amadiume (born 23 April 1947) is a Nigerian poet, anthropologist and essayist. She joined the Religion Department of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, U.S. in 1993.Born in Kaduna to Igbo parents, Amadiume was educated in Nigeria before moving to Britain in 1971.

She studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, gaining a BA (1978) and PhD (1983) in social anthropology. Her fieldwork in Africa resulted in two ethnographic monographs relating to the Igbo – African Matriarchal Foundations (1987), and the award-winning Male Daughters Female Husbands (Zed Press, 1987). A book of theoretical essays, Reinventing Africa, appeared in 1998.

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She is on the advisory board of the Centre for Democracy and Development, a non-governmental organisation that aims to promote the values of democracy, peace and human rights in Africa, particularly in the West African sub-region.

Dr Amadiume is widely regarded for her pioneering work in feminist discourse: Her work has made a tremendous contribution to new ways of thinking about sex and gender, the question of power, and women’s place in history and culture”.She has nevertheless attracted criticism for her “assumption that [the] female is necessarily equated with peace and love.

  • Bob Kaufman – 18 April 1925 – died 12 January 1986
  • Etheridge Knight – 19 April 1931 –died 10 March 1991
  • Chalmers Archer – 21 April 1928 –died 24 February 2014
  • Charles Richard Johnson – 23 April 1948
  • John van de Ruit – 20 April 1975
  • Abdoulaye Ascofaré -20 April 1949
  • Bankole Ajibabi Omotosho – 21 April 1943
  • Unity Dow – 23 April 1959
  • Dr. Ifi Amadiume – 23 April 1947

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