Authors birthday: May

Adame Ba Konaré (born 1 May 1947 ) is a Malian historian and writer who is married to Alpha Oumar Konaré, former President of Mali. She is active in several causes for newborns and refugees. Konaré and her spouse worked together on several projects.

They published a book together in 1983 called Grande Dates Du Mali and they both worked for the democratic cause under the presidency of Moussa Traore who ruled Mali’s single party state until 1991. During that time they created a publishing house Jamana and a daily newspaper Les Echos and a political party called ADEMA-PAS. In 1991 the president was deposed and in the following elections her husband was democratically elected.

Konaré has written various types of books, from biographies (about Sunni Ali Ber) to philosophy (L’Os de la parole) and even a novel (Quand l’ail se frotte a l’encens), the plot of which focuses on the social gap in a fictional society similar to Mali’s. For this book, her style has been compared to French authors Emile Zola and Victor Hugo’s works.


  1. Adame Ba Konaré  – 1 May 1947
  2. Sterling Allen Brown – 1 May 1901 – died 13 January 1989
  3. Mary Sadler – 2 May 1941
  4. Bode Sowande – 2 May 1948
  5. Ruth First – 4 May 1925 –  died 17 August 1982
  6. Alice Randall – 4 May 1959
  7. Andrée Clair – 5 May 1916 – died 1982
  8. Douglas Turner Ward – 5 May 1930
  9. Christopher C. Bell Jr. – 7 May 1933
  10. Rose Zwi – 8 May 1928
  11. Mongane Wally Serote – 8 May 1944
  12. Louise Meriwether – 8 May 1923

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