Happy Africa Day

Did you know?

Africa is the second largest continent in the World. The second largest in both land mass and population. It covers about a fifth of the earth’s total land area. Africa’s land mass is  about 30.2 million km2 (11.7m sq mi) and this includes adjacent islands, it covers six percent of the earth’s total surface area.

This Africa month get together with fellow African learners in your school and have exhibition were everyone will showcase their artistic works from their own countries.


The lowest point in Africa is Lake Assal which is located in central-eastern Djibouti at the western end of Gulf Tadjoura in the Tadjoura region, touch Dikhil region at the top of the Great Rift Valley. The crater lake lies 155 meters below sea level.

This water body also takes the third position for lowest land depression on Earth following the dead sea Galilee. The level of saltiness in the lake is so high becoming 10 times more concentrated than that of the sea. Lake Assal is the world’s largest salt reserve. Which is presently exploited under four concessions awarded in 2002 at the Southeast end of the lake.


Cool Facts about African Continent:-

  • Despite Africa being the second-largest continent in the world, it has the shortest coastline. This is due to the many bays and edges that extend out of the coastline.
  • World civilization began in Africa. The Pharaonic civilization of ancient Egypt is the oldest literate civilization. According to historical records, the Egyptian state dates back to about 3300 B.C.
  • Islam is the dominant religion in Africa. Christianity is the second. Arabic is also the most widely-spoken language in Africa.
  • Africa is the most centrally located continent in the world. Both the prime meridian (0 degrees longitude), and the equator (0 degrees latitude) cut across it.
  • Africa’s largest country is Sudan. It has a total area of 967,940 square miles (2.5 million km2). The smallest country on the continent is The Seychelles, which is an island nation covering just 453 km2 (175 miles2).
  • Nigeria has the highest population (154.7 million people) in Africa. This represents 18% of Africa’s total population.
  • South Africa has the highest GDP (($182 billion) in Africa. Guinea Bissau has the lowest at $230 million.
  • 21 percent of SSA nations have one or two products accounting for their total exports. Most of these exports are in form of agricultural produce.
  • The shortest distance between Africa and Europe is only 8.9 miles (14.3 kilometers) of ocean.
  • Africa’s Nile River is the world’s longest river. It has a total length of 6,650 kilometers (4,132 miles) and cuts across 11 countries. It drains into the Mediterranean Sea from Africa’s Northeastern edge.
  • The largest island in Africa, located in the Indian Ocean (off Africa’s East Coast) is Madagascar. It is also the fourth largest in the world.
  • The Victoria Falls, located along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Zambezi River is the fall’s main water source.
  • Africa’s Sahara desert is the world’s largest hot desert covering 9.1 million km2. Of the deserts of the world, it is the third largest after the Arctic (second largest) and Antarctic (largest) deserts.
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  • The highest point in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It rises 5895 meters (19,340 feet) above sea level.
  • Both the world’s tallest and largest land animals both come from Africa. They are the giraffe and African elephant, respectively.
  • Witwatersrand, South Africa, produces almost half of all the gold mined in Africa.
  • More people speak French in Africa than do those in France.
  • Egypt is Africa’s most popular tourist destination. The country receives over 10 million visitors every year. Cairo, Egypt’s capital city, is also Africa’s largest city.
  • Soccer and cricket are two of Africa’s most popular sports. They were both introduced during the colonial era.
  • The national flag of Mozambique has the image of an AK-47 assault rifle embedded into it. It is the only national flag in the world featuring such a modern rifle.

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