Africa Bee Finalists


African Spelling Bee – Speller Profile


Name and Surname :- Mayuri Governder

I was born in (Date of birth) :- 25 May 2007

I represent (Country):- South Africa

My native language is:- English

My school? And I am in Grade:- Home School 

I am more passionate about:- Reading and Writing

My favourite subjects are:- Literature/Creative 

Cool things about my country are:- The largest theme resort hotel in the world is the Lost City. South Africa has produced some of the oldest fossils in the world, plus we have awesome 11 official languages.

My greatest achievements are:- Winning 2015 Mzansi Spelling Bee National Championships 

My favourite book/s:-  Streams to rivers by Janet Smith

Things you should know about me:- I am interesting in knowing what is happening in the world.

My favourite things about reading and spelling are:- When I read, I feel like I am actually in the setting of the story and when I spell, I get excited to get a difficult word correct.

When I grow up I want to be:- An archaeologist and to study anthropology

My hobbies are:- Reading, writing short stories, game developing, hip hop dancing plus I am member of South Africa Girl Guide (Brownie).




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