Africa Bee Finalists


African Spelling Bee – Speller Profile


Name and Surname :- Zameer Dada

I was born in (Date of birth) :- 18 March 2002

I represent (Country):- South Africa

My native language is:- English

My school? And I am in Grade:- Mitchel House School / Grade 8

I am more passionate about:- Helping people and chess

My favourite subjects are:- Mathematics, Life science

Cool things about my country are:-Cool weather, diverse culture,rainbow nation

My greatest achievements are:- Winning Mzansi Spelling Bee National Championships twice and winning 2016 Chess tournament

My favourite book/s:-  The Lorax by Dr Seuss and Harry Porter

Things you should know about me:- I am a down to earth individual who love to help people especially to help sick children.

My favourite things about reading and spelling are:- increasing my vocabulary and reading helps me expand my creativity

When I grow up I want to be:- Oncologist

My hobbies are:- playing cricket, chess, reading, playing PLAY STATION




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