Authors birthdays: September

Linda D. Addison is an American poet and writer of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Addison is the first African-American winner of the Bram Stoker Award, which she won four times. The first two awards were for her poetry collections Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes (2001) and Being Full of Light, Insubstantial (2007).Her poetry and fiction collection How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend won the 2011 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection. Addison received a fourth HWA Bram Stoker for the collection, The Four Elements, written with Marge Simon, Rain Graves, and Charlee Jacob. She is a founding member of the CITH (Circles in the Hair) writing group.

In 2007, her third book of poetry and second Bram Stoker Award winning collection was released: Being Full of Light, Insubstantial. This emotional tour de force was inspired by events beyond Addison’s control. Her beloved mother, Janet was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Addison felt strangely pulled to her office on January 1, 2007. She describes the experience “as something she had never felt before, it was as if a voice came to her in meditation and gently whispered… 100 poems.” The collection that poured from her was an amalgamation of reprints and new poetry. Addison completed her “100th poem” on March 14, 2007.

Addison is a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and annually attends the Northeastern Writers’ Conference (Camp Necon) and has participated in panels withHarlan Ellison, Jack Ketchum and L.A. Banks.Addison was “Poet Guest of Honor” at The World Horror Convention in 2005.

Addison’s writing has been featured in Essence Magazine, and she is currently the poetry editor for Space and Time Magazine.Addison has participated in Ellen Datlow’s Fantastic Fiction Reading Series at KGB Bar in NYC. In March 2012, Addison won her third Bram Stoker Award for How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend, her collection of reprints, new poems and short stories.

In 2013, Addison won her fourth HWA Bram Stoker for The Four Elements, a collection of poetry inspired by the four elements released in 2012, and published by Bad Moon Books. The book was inspired by a discussion between Addison and Houarner about female Bram Stoker Award Winners. Addison contacted three Bram Stoker award winning female authors and asked them to choose their “element.” Marge Simon (Earth), Rain Graves (Water), Charlee Jacob (Fire) and Addison (Air).

  • Rosa Cuthbert Guy – 1 September 1922– died 3 June 2012
  • Nicolaas Vergunst – 1 September 1958
  • Richard Nathaniel Wright – 4 September 1908 –died 28 November 1960
  • Steve Bernard Miles Chimombo – 4 September 1945 – died 11 December 2015
  • Gideon Joubert – 4 September 1923 – died 27 October 2010
  • Frank Garvin Yerby – 5 September 1916 –died 29 November 1991
  • Yolande Mukagasana – 6 September 1954
  • Linda D. Addison – 8 September 1952
  • Osonye Tess Onwueme – 8 September 1955
  • Troy Blacklaws – 9 September 1965
  • Sonia Sanchez – 9 September 1934
  • Phaswane Mpe – 10 September 1970 – died 12 December 2004
  • Georgia Douglas Johnson – 10 September 1880 –died 14 May 1966 

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