Word of the day: Scythe 

Say it:sith, si

Part of speech: Noun

Definition: A farming tool with a curved blade and long handle that is used for cutting grass, grain, etc.

Etymology: Latin

Synonyms: Slice, Dissect,Sickle,Hew

Use in a sentence: Barley is cut, either with scythe or machine, when it is quite ripe with the ears bending over.

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Word of the day: Teonanacatl 

Say it:tao-nane-katel

Part of speech: Noun

Definition: Any of several New World mushrooms (Psilocybe and related genera of the family Agaricaceae) that are sources of hallucinogens.

Etymology: English

Synonyms: Mushrooms

Use in a sentence: The rare word teonanacatl, first reported by Sahagun (1569 -1582) is now by Western scholars to refers to any of the hallucinogens fungi.

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Congratulations 2016 Champs!!!


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We like to congratulate our brave little word nerds who took part in the Season 5 of Mzansi Spelling Bee National Finals.

Here are our 2016 Mzansi Spelling Bee National Champions:

2016 Honey Bees Champ – Habeeb Shonubi from Gauteng

2016 Bumble Bees Champ – Bethaba Shazi from Kwazulu Natal

2016 Drones Champ – Zameer Dada from Gauteng

We thank everyone who been supporting 2016 Mzansi Spelling Bee, Siyabonga Mzansi!!!


Word of the day: Isthmus 

Say it: is-mes

Part of speech: Noun

Definition: A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas.

Etymology: Greek

Synonyms: Scuff,Nape,Cape,Cervix

Use in a sentence:The country is occupied by broader part of the isthmus between Attica, Boeotia, Corinth, and the two gulfs, and its whole area is estimated by Clinton at 143 sq.

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