Each year the Mzansi Spelling bee produces a word book with over 5000 words.  The words range from basic building words that you will use in your daily life to challenge words that may be new to you but really fun to learn and know.  the Mzansi Spelling Bee is at once a place to learn what you have to and to learn what you want to because you can and your brain is amazing.

The word book is a good place to start your journey to becoming the champion speller, however, you should study well beyond the word book because you can be asked to spell any word.

The 2016 word book will be divided into three sections

1.Honey Bees (spellers 9-11)

Click here for Honey Bees word List>>> Honey Bee word List

2.Bumble Bees (Spellers 12-14)

Click here for Honey Bees word List>>> Bumble Bee word list

3.Drones (spellers 15-17)

Click here for Honey Bees word List>>> Drone word list

2016 Mzansi Spelling Bee Word Book  is available for download

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