IMG_6217#BeeChallenge is a call to action, a dare and challenge to walk the talk.

Spelling Bees are awesome because they give spellers, no matter where they come from, the opportunity to prove themselves and take the challenge to be the best speller.

The Mzansi Spelling Bee wishes to present the opportunity to as many children as we can and call to South Africa to help us make this possible. 2017  application fee starts from R50 to R200, Mzansi Spelling Bee pays for reading the material, the bee T-shirt and the 2017 word list used by the spellers to prepare for the spelling bee.

The Mzansi Spelling Bee is a not for profit organisation, 100% of pledge funds will go towards support spellers and improving literacy in South Africa.

You can take the #BeeChallenge and sponsor 1 or 100 as many spellers as you can.  Take the pledge and pass it on, nominate a friend, business, school or individual to take the challenge and pass it on.  challenge your community to match or exceed your contribution.

stand up and be counted, play your part Mzansi.

Step 1. #BeePledge 

Step 2. EFT payment 

Bank : FNB
Account holder: Miyela 
Account number: 62436825197

Reference: your name or #beechallenge 


Thank you for being part of the movement to improve literacy one word at a time, one child at a time