The world of words is immense, there are many words and words being invented everyday.  For as long as humans communicate, they will create new words.  The is a lot for you to learn now, take it easy and make it fun for yourself.

Mzansi Spelling bee has a series of books and resources that will help and guide you as you learn.  You can have a human coach and use these books as maps that will show you the way.

You can purchase the series or a book at a tine and build up your word power.

The books are simple and can be used by spellers of any grade.


The 2016 Series includes the following titles:

  1. Word Etymology – words and where they come from  
  2. Suffixes and prefixes 
  3.  Plurals – when they end in S and when they don’t 
  4.  My Dictionary friend 
  5. the Sounds of English 
  6. Games and puzzles that will improve your spelling
  7. Words that sound alike but look different
  8. English is a crazy language
  9. Words that Win the Spelling Bee – Spelling Bee winning words from around the world
  10. Word invention – words invented by millennials


yellow_orange_handle_copy_largeBee in a box

Bee in a box is a resource that can be used by parents and teachers.  We have put together over 100 games and activities that will help word nerds read and spell better.

The Bee in a Box includes game boards, game material, flash cards and endless activities that make learning fun and interactive.


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