The logophile is the home of the word nerd, the club for lovers of words.  All spellers are word nerds and a word nerd can be any one who loves words words and sharing them.

You must register to be part of the club and every Wednesday wear you lolophile club badge with pride.

when you are a word nerd you are not afraid to say to the world; I like books, I am smart, I like to read and I am proud of it.  Every week in school halls, libraries and homes across South Africa put on the word nerd badge and proudly state that they are part of an amazing group of spellers and nerds who are not intimidated by  being smart and wanting to learn everything there is to learn in the world.

Word Nerd = WN
Word Nerd = WN

 Logophile (n)

From Latin meaning logo (lover) phile (words) = a lover of words

word nerd (n)

Lover of the written word more than life itself, spending as much free time as possible reading random books, stories online, newspaper etc preferring to read silently than to watch TV and movies, or camping and such.  Anyone who loves and appreciates words.  anyone who wants to improve their reading and spelling.


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