Writers are readers if more children and word nerds are encouraged to write- more children will be reading.  Children want to read about things they can relate to, what better authors than other word nerds?

in 2017 we will explore the idea that words can give you the world.  Words are the world and they are waiting for you to discover them.  Let us explore South Africa together through the spelling bee, through travel,, through our love for words.

Write for us.

Mzansi Spelling Bee is looking for word nerds to author a travel book about South Africa, through the eyes of the spellers and word nerds as they travel with the Mzansi Spelling Bee.

Be part of the Word nerd travel book to be published in May 2016

Submission deadline 30 April 

Tell us about your hometown; share the small details that make your home, province, township special and unique.  Share with the word nerds, the stories of the place, people, and stories you love about home.

Or you could write us stories about travel; tell us about the new places you come to, the friends you meet, the differences that you find and what parts of the new part of South Africa that you travel to, you will take home with you.


South Africa through the eyes of the spellers

You can use these topics as a guide or write something of your choosing.

  1. Traveling to the Mzansi Spelling Bee 
  2. Road Trip 
  3. My home and what I love about it 
  4. Unexpected things about your hometown, province that other people do no know about 
  5. Why I love to travel 
  6. My South Africa
  7. Seeing a whole New world 
  8. here and there – the difference between the place I call home and the places we have been 
  9. My favourite thing about travel 
  10. I took a short left and found something surprising on my travels



  • all stories need to be no more than 500 words long, written by the word nerd or child.
  • me writespellers and word nerds can make their own submission or work with a teacher.
  • The best stories, essays or poems submitted will be published and shared with other word nerds.
  • You can write a poem, essay, make up a story or send a photo essay.
  • You can hand write or type your submissions
  • Submissions must be made to club@mzansispellingbee.org

South Africa is a beautiful country.  Enjoy it and share your view with the word nerds

One word at a time, one child at a time