The word bee, was first used to describe moments when people come together for a common purpose.  The Mzansi Spelling Bee is an opportunity for your to be part of a community of word nerds coming together to share a love of words.   The Mzansi Spelling Bee is a challenge, a game, and passion that makes reading and words a part of South African life.


The Mzansi Spelling Bee is 6 years old and growing at each step.

The Mzansi Spelling Bee is unique, bringing the traditional spelling bee to the 21st century.  The Mzansi Spelling Bee is a hybrid bee bringing technology to the world of the spelling bee.

The Mzansi Spelling Bee has designed an android application for spellers to practice, play and have spelling  tips at their fingertips.  Spellers will be able to test themselves and study using the spelling bee app.  The first two rounds of the Mzansi Spelling Bee will be done through the application ensuring that all the 2017 spellers will experience the same spelling bee across the provinces.

The Provincial and National rounds of the 2017 Mzansi Spelling Bee will be the traditional staged spelling bee format where spellers will take the stage to challenge their nerves, skills, and courage.


The Mzansi Spelling Bee is the only spelling bee that allows both primary and high school spellers to take part.  Speller 9 – 17 years old or grade 4 – 11 will take part in the 2017 Mzansi Spelling bee.   Millions of learners struggle with reading in Spelling in South Africa.  The Mzansi Spelling Bee is designed to develop the reading skills as they grow older.  Each year the Mzansi Spelling Bee will give spellers a word list with words that build their working vocabulary, a vocabulary that will help them study and a vocabulary to challenge their abilities.

The Mzansi Spelling Bee is but the tip of the iceberg.  The Mzansi Spelling Bee has been developed to get and keep the attention of spellers and word nerds such that children all over South Africa and engaged with words and opportunities to learn all year round.

one word at a time, one child at a time