1. Mzansi Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee is a game and challenge which sees children from all over South Africa compete in stages from local to national level to be named the spelling champion of the year.


  1. Words nerdsorchards-primary1

All spellers are word nerds but not all word nerds are spellers.  Spellers and word nerds are connected by a love of words, challenge, play and language.  The season of the MSB lives for a set period each year and once a speller is illuminated from the challenge they will no longer take part in the year’s MSB challenge.  The Word Nerd was designed as a space and club for children to take part in spelling bee events and activities all year round.

The Word nerd is a club of children who do not have to be part of the MSB challenge but may be if they choose.  The purpose of the club is to create a national movement and community of children who identify themselves as word nerds and as a result loves of words.  The way a child identifies themselves has to a large extent an impact on how they act and who they think they are.  MSB seeks to create a community of children who see themselves as readers and lovers.


  • Words Day

MSB proposes to make a weekly day set to high light the awareness of words and literature.  We aim to have schools in each province sign up to allow children to take part in the weekly words day events and activities.  Children will wear word nerd badges on Words Day and make a physical representation of being part of the greater community of word nerds.


  • Bee in a box

The MSB seeks to aid and support schools and libraries to organise their own spelling bees and word games on Words Day and as class room or club aids.  Bee in a Box is a MSB resource box that has in it games, activities and ideas for educators and coaches that are aimed at improving language through play and game.  Schools can use the resource as aids in language classes and to set up their own spelling bee.


  • MSB games and literacy support resources20140921_095757

MSB will public 10 resource books, flash cards and a board game that will aid in language development.  The books will be a series that can be used by spellers, word nerds and teachers in breaking down and developing specific language areas.  The series will include title like; working with plurals, creating compound words, word etymology etc.  Spellers, schools and clubs can purchase the supportive material as additional support material.


  • Word nerd publishers and book fair

The World nerd will host a book fair in October 2016 of books written by children or books for children.


  • Travel book by spellers

in May 2016 the Mzansi Spelling Bee will be publishing a book authored by the MZB spellers over the past five years.  The travel book will offer a look at South Africa through the eyes of the spellers.



  1. DSC_0149Spelling Bee Android application

In March 2016 the Spelling Bee application will be launched.  The application is our way of putting words and game in one place.  If children spend most of their time gaming, it seems natural that to get their attention, one has to get involved in gaming too.  The application includes a number of functions including, challenges, a dictionary, and space for spellers to practice spelling at their own time and pace.


The application will enable teachers and schools to track the progress of learners and keep understand learner challenges.  Each spellers signed in will have a profile that can be used to track the progress being made by each speller taking part.

The application will mean spellers can have access to a lot more help as videos, audio files, and other spelling resources will be on the application and can be used by spellers whenever needed.


  1. Support and coaching

Being a game, the MSB may also require that spellers have a coach or tutor.  Coaches are trained in the MSB material and will work with spellers for long or short term basis based on their need.  Coaches will work with spellers in their homes or in local libraries where the home cannot provide space.

Coaches are local youths and graduates who work in small groups or on a one on one basis with the spellers and help them with language and prepare them with the challenge of having to take the stage for the spelling bee.

2012 mzansi spelling bee final


One word at a time, one child at a time.